The most famous and popular lottery in Brazil Mega Sena.

Draws are Wednesday and Saturday. Win the ticket which knows 6 numbers from 60. Numbers are drawn from two areas and double as small numbers begin with 0 Example 01; 02 ... .. 09.
This is because the two numbers are different spheres: in the first field are the numbers from 0 to 5 and in the second are from 0 to 9. If you pull numbers 0 / ziro / from both areas this is considered the last number - 60.
Mega Sena Lottery allocates 46% of profits. Of these:
5% are accumulated for Christmas draw
22% for each subsequent fifth draw
19% of the profits distributed by the tickets known numbers 4 and 5
35% to win big six correct numbers.
Mega Sena lottery allocates a lot of money for social and educational programs jointly with the Brazilian government so that even if you do not win, a part of your money is spent for a good cause.

Good luck